Our Mobile Studio specializes in building scalable and maintainable mobile applications which deliver great user experiences. We create and deliver these applications to target a range of devices, from smartphones, to smart TVs and cars.

In our computerized world, many products and services are now available on mobile apps. Many businesses are working towards bringing their services and products to users in the best way possible to increase customer satisfaction and sales. We are a dedicated team of app developers using our knowledge and experience to help businesses achieve their goals. We work for companies with existing mobile apps to improve their designs, as well as build new apps from scratch.

We understand that not all companies are fully aware of the features their apps need to have. We do everything to use our expertise and wealth-of knowledge in mobile app development to help you decide the necessary features your app must have to perform well and keep a competitive advantage.

iOS App Development

iOS development is very specifically for Apple devices including the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and even the new Apple-designed, ARM-based M-series chips currently implemented and being developed in the Macintosh lineup. These apps are designed with our understanding of the Swift programming language and Objective-C, making them ready to go on the App Store for users to download. We have the tools and expertise to build iOS apps and test them for performance. Our developers will ensure the app features not only fit your requests but also work well with the iOS devices themselves in terms of notifications, access to storage, and taking advantage of any needed device/OS features.

Android App Development

We are knowledgeable in every Android programming language and method of developing apps that function smoothly across any type of device running the mobile-focused operating system (OS). With our talented group, we design interactive, compatible, and reliable apps. We make apps for clients in different fields ranging from health, fashion, and entertainment to name a few. Using C++ and Javascript, we develop native Android apps to fulfill any function(s) needed on convenience-focused devices running the world’s most popular mobile OS. All finished designs go through a series of testing before the eventual release of the app to check for features, the interface of the design, and user experience.

Cross-Platform Development
Apps and Features that work on Any Device

Cross-platform mobile app development is a highly praised and desired solution a myriad of companies. Big companies with numerous customers, for example, look to improve functions and designs on their existing apps. To improve and achieve a similar user experience across all platforms, we are specialized in the development of cross-platform apps. With the use of HTML5, CSS3, and frameworks like Ember.js, Sencha, SproutCore, AngularJS, and jQuery, we create a near-identical experiences for users of all platforms, OSs, and devices. Whether you’re looking at developing new cross-platform software, or improving existing software to function seamlessly on all platforms, we are the developers you can trust.

We are please to assist you

Kingaru Logistics domestic moving services are available in each respective destination to cater our client’s local moving requirements within the country in each respective destination.

Kingaru Logistics will conduct your moving requirements inside the country with a high level of skill, protection and care with international standards. With a long established history, our reputation is backed by our international shipping experience, skill and knowledge all focused on ensuring that your precious belongings are moved to your new home or office with the best protection and care. With our tailor made corporate moving plans, we can relocate your business while you maintain your flow of commerce. We understand your need to have a smooth,

Kingaru Logistics worldwide network is designed to excel in global sourcing, warehousing, distribution according to the demands and requirements. We have our own contracted trucking fleet with a weight capacity of 3-ton, 5-ton, 8-ton, 10-ton truck and 20 feet, 40 feet, 40HQ trailer and long vehicles. Whenever you give the order, our trucks will be duly available in any place as you expect. We assure that your goods will be devotedly delivered to our clients on schedule.

In addition, we have contracted warehouses with modern facilities and a warehouse in which we offer stuffing, packing, storage, repacking, sticking marks, and distribution for our clients need.

Kingaru Logistics operational with all customs brokerage & quarantine licenses are on our own in each respective destination and we can guarantee our on time delivery for your valued cargo. Our worldwide network brokerage can provide timely cargo release on a global scale and support your import & export globalization

Baggage Shipping

As one of the independent baggage shipping company, Kingaru Logistics has the skills and experience to forward your belongings safely and securely to almost anywhere in the world. Established 10 years ago, our service covers 300 countries and territories using air freight, sea freight and road freight to deliver in more than 25,000 destinations. All your baggage shipping requirements are handled smoothly and efficiently from collection, freighting and documentation to customs clearance and delivery.

International Shipping by Sea or Air

At Kingaru Logistics, you can choose to send your belongings by sea or air, and in the case of some European, US destinations, by road. Under some circumstances it is more cost-effective to use air freight, even for large quantities. Sea freight and road freight charges are determined by volume (the space taken up by the baggage you are shipping), while air freight rates are based on size or weight, whichever is the greater.

Door to Door Service

Kingaru Logistics handles everything for you from the time we collect your baggage to its arrival at your chosen destination. Our charges include customs clearance, terminal fees, and local delivery costs to shipping addresses in every respective destination worldwide. Where they are applicable, quarantine clearance or customs inspection charges, customs duties and taxes are not included. Our door to door rates apply to a wide selection of destinations worldwide.

Customs Information

Kingaru Logistics has no control over foreign customs services, local authorities and/or agents who undertake searches, or charge duty/tax/quarantine or other fees, at their discretion or in accordance with local regulations. For customs details for many countries see the Customs information section of this website.

Kingaru Logistics, an all in one logistics company and are ready to take care of every detail to prepare and execute your shipment on time. For your time sensitive cargo, our air freight service is tailored to meet the requirements of our importers and exporters urgent shipping needs. We mainly cooperate with all major airlines, with our worldwide agents and strategic partners so that we can offer time-definite, cost-effective air freight solutions.

All facilities offer consolidation / deconsolidation capabilities, warehousing, special handling, bonded services, packing and crating and high value goods management